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SURPLUS Equity Partners is an investment and asset manager with a focus on real assets and enabling technologies.

Real Estate

We are an “Alpha” focussed investor and therefore only underwrite and execute transactions with active value creation potential. We consider real assets holistically and invest in different property classes and in different risk/return profiles with a focus on the European market. Previous transactions include traditional project developments and standing assets in mostly the residential, office and mixed use space.


Today we face great ecological challenges. We are convinced that investments should make an important contribution to climate protection and sustainability. With our “asset heavy” investment strategy, we provide capital to advance ecologically valuable technologies such as renewable energy and water treatment. Investment focus lies on the European market with some existing exposure in North America. Our approach to infrastructure asset development and operations is alpha-focused.

Enabling Technologies

Our understanding of technology and innovation allows us to invest successfully across all verticals. We create sustainable value in the core areas of real estate and infrastructure, but also with our direct investments in companies within the “Enabling Technologies” vertical. Whether investment sourcing or portfolio management, enabling technologies allow us to increase efficiencies and thereby create synergies along the value chain.

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