About Us

SURPLUS Equity Partners is an investment and asset manager with a focus on real assets and enabling technologies. We think entrepreneurially and see ourselves as a link to institutional investors and the achievement of their goals.

Real Estate
We consider real assets holistically and always with a focus on a sufficiently differentiated portfolio. That is why we invest in different property classes and in different risk/return profiles.

Today we face great ecological challenges. We are convinced that investments should make an important contribution to climate protection and sustainability. With our investment strategy, we provide capital to advance ecologically valuable technologies such as renewable energy and water treatment.

Enabling Technologies
Technology and innovation allow us to invest successfully. We create sustainable value in the core areas of real estate and infrastructure, but also with our direct investments in young companies. Whether investment sourcing or portfolio management - enabling technologies allow us to increase efficiencies along the entire value chain.

We see ourselves as the source of ideas for tomorrow and view today's challenges in the real estate and infrastructure industry as a great opportunity. For us and our customers.

Capital. Building. Future.